Good habits to take after the sport

After practicing physical activity , the human body needs to restore its energy and water reserves while resting. For a better recovery , you must follow some rules of nutrition and nutrition respecting the standards of health and well-being.

To better help you master good eating habits after exercise, here are some tips and effective tips to keep fit.

When should we eat after sport?
By choosing a slimming diet , if you had your meal balanced 3 to 4 hours before physical activity, you do not need to eat again after exercise.

Indeed, energy reserves are still largely sufficient. On this, if you have lunch at 1 pm and you train at 5 pm, a snack may be superfluous .

On the other hand, if your training takes place around 19 or 20 hours, you will be able to consume a milk product accompanied by some dried fruits .

Recovery after physical exertion during the lunch break
If you practice a sports activity during the lunch break , it is totally feasible to have a snack around 11 o’clock. You will be able to eat an apple or a natural dairy product for example to avoid the bars of bar if your breakfast lacks calories.

But in any case, a complete meal is Overnight Lean Keto necessary for a good fitness after hard physical efforts. On this, take cooked or raw vegetables , fish or meat with vegetable fat. And do not forget to hydrate yourself, of course, before, during and after your training.

Stretching sessions to relieve muscles
A stretching session is not designed to gain flexibility , but to relax your tense muscles while reducing the nervous tension caused by your efforts. To do this, gently stretch the surfaces that have been driven about 25 seconds each .

Also take a breath of breath air. By practicing stretching, you feel a more moderate tension, not pain. You can then begin a deep stretching session for the following days .

Take a cold shower
Once your body has returned to normal temperature, take a warm shower , followed by warm water. Then, finish with a jet of cold water, wet your ankles to the hips for at least one minute for each of your legs to restart the flow of blood .

After the cold shower, apply massage oil on your legs , from the bottom up, from the ankle to the buttocks.

Self-massage session
The self-massage sessions gently relax your muscles while reducing tensions and contractures . They reduce the formation of abnormalities in the fasciae and muscles. The massage session also improves your blood circulation .

To do this, stand in a standing position and roll a tennis ball under your feet, emphasizing the trained surfaces Overnight Lean Keto REVIEWS for at least one minute. Always with the ball, massage deeply the thighs , shins, glutes, and back. Use the wall or floor to massage hard-to-reach areas.

Refined sugar and natural sugar: what are the differences?

Highly present in our daily diet, sugars have taken an ever-increasing proportion in our lives.

Each year, 35 kg of sugar are consumed on average per capita in France in various aspects: liquid or solid, white or red, refined or raw, sweetener, sucrose etc. however, except for sweeteners which are substituents of sucrose , sugar itself generally takes two forms; refined or natural.

This distinction alone is enough to explain that there are differences between the two sugars, differences that can occur in the texture, composition and assimilation by the body.

Refined and natural sugar: a difference in composition.
We distinguish between white and brown sugar which are refined products, the brown sugar overnight lean keto having been recolored. On the other hand, we have the whole sugar, the brown sugar or the white sugar from the sugar beet which are unrefined sugars. If they all consist of sucrose, a molecule consisting of 50% fructose and 50% glucose, the refined sugars are almost 100% pure sucrose .

They go through complex processes to reach this state, processes that can on the one hand involve a plethora of chemicals and additives and on the other hand remove all the pigments and vitamins while on the other hand natural sugars are products less processed that also contain molasses, source of vitamins and minerals even if the content remains very low .

Natural sugar and refined sugar: a difference in texture and assimilation by the body.
Due to the manufacturing process, the pigments of the brown sugar are destroyed , giving way to a refined white sugar. Organic sugar, on the other hand, is either white when made from beetroot, brown or red. In terms of caloric intake, white and red sugars are equivalent . Texture is the first clue to detect unrefined sugar.

However, some red sugars are simply caramelized white sugars. Hence the label “caramel” to which we must be very careful. The components of sucrose are also assimilated in two ways by the body.

Fructose is broken down in the liver while glucose is broken down in the stomach by release of insulin into the blood. The nutrients that come with organic sugar help regulate and slow down the breakdown of sugar , keeping blood sugar levels at acceptable levels.

This allows the body to not overheat to break it down and avoid high levels of sugar and insulin in the blood caused by white sugar.

False sugars: alternatives to sugar?
White sugar is no different than organic sugar at a molecular level. Even natural, they are all dangerous for health with harmful effects such as obesity , diabetes, etc.

The solution is to limit its sugar intake . Diabetics or anyone who is planning to do without sucrose addiction can opt for sweeteners such as aspartame or stevia even if the latter is more suitable because ideally natural and derived from a plant .

Sweeteners are fake sugars with a sweetness 200 to 300 times greater than that of sugar . They allow to have the flavor but not the calories of the sugar.

Stanovaya traction with dumbbells. The most detailed details.

Stanovaya traction with dumbbells. What, why and why?
According to statistics, about 85% of those attending the gym perform the same exercises and do not even think that there are any other or existing ones that can be beaten differently. Such conservatism and unwillingness to look beyond one’s own nose, ultimately does not lead to anything good. The purpose of this note is to look beyond our own nose 🙂 And we will do this by becoming acquainted with an exercise like deadlift with dumbbells. Frankly, I rarely observe that certain workers perform it in the hall, and why, maybe it is not effective? Now we will find out.

Despite the fact that the type of projectile is varied, instead of the classic version – barbells, dumbbells are used, the muscle atlas involved in muscle movement has not undergone major changes. As before, the main motive units are the gluteus maximus, the muscles of the anterior surface of the thigh and the muscles of the back.

deadweight with dumbbells muscles in the work
In the variant when the leg muscles remain almost straight throughout the entire trajectory of movement (deadlift on straight legs) , the muscles of the back of the thigh are actively loaded.


For a better understanding of the RDX Surge material, all further narrative will be divided into sub-chapters.

Benefits from deadlifts with dumbbells

Many people think that standing with dumbbells is an unremarkable exercise, and if you really do it, then classics are better. The following arguments are designed to change your point of view. So, the advantages include:

total strengthening and development of large muscular muscle volume at once;
developing better coordination and balancing;
home performance;
greater amplitude of movement;
a quick change of projectile and the performance of finishing repeats with a lower weight, for example, on the pyramid principle;
symmetrical development of the body due to unilateral work (with one dumbbell) ;
An excellent option for basic exercises for those who do not tolerate the barbell (for example, girls) .
Technique of deadlift with dumbbells

Often this exercise is performed “on from the asshole” :), and all because there are many common interpretations of it, which sometimes knock off the panties. For example, standing on straight legs or squats with dumbbells in your hands are all similar movements, but in the classical version, standing with dumbbells is performed in a unique way, and that is so.

Step number 1.

Take a pair of dumbbell and place them in front of you. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, place the dumbbells on either side of your legs. Bend over, take the dumbbells with a neutral grip (palms inward) and lower the hips. Make sure the hips are in the most natural position for leverage. Head up slightly, look forward. Keep your back tight-straight and do not let her round. This is your starting position.

Step number 2.

Begin to get involved downward, bending your knees and keeping your back straight. Keep the dumbbells as close as possible to the front of the thigh, they should slide up and down. Having reached the lowest point, stay there for 2 counts, and then, unbending your knees, return to the starting position. The correct breathing technique is down-breath, effort is exhale.

In the picture version, this whole mess looks like this.

deadlift with dumbbells, execution technique
When doing the exercise, always remember:

the back should be straight throughout the entire trajectory;
do not confuse exercise with squats with dumbbells, in which you need to go deep down;
arms should be kept straight, keeping the weight close to the hips;
as soon as you want to look at your legs, you will get a round back, so you should not;
dumbbells can be lowered on the floor, and can be slightly left in limbo;
fixing the legs straight during the thrust of dumbbells and lowering the arms just below the knee, the muscles of the back of the thigh receive a shock load and the exercise in this case is called dead thrust;
Heavy dumbbells will help hold special belts.

Now we go to another camp

Type II fibers. Characteristics, facts

There are six of them:

classified into: IIa – oxidative-glycolytic, use oxygen to help convert glycogen to ATP; IIb – glycolytic, which rely on stored ATP in the muscle cell to generate energy;
the fast ones are white mv, because they do not contain much blood, therefore they have a clarified appearance;
have a high activation threshold and will be recruited only when force requirements are greater than slow fibers can provide;
it takes less time to generate maximum power, but they get tired faster;
strength training can increase the amount of fast muscle fibers;
are responsible for the size and definition ( in forgiveness relief) specific muscles;
№2. Type II fibers. Training strategies

For training whites m. use:

strength training with sufficient burdening. The greater the weight, the more bm.v. will be recruited;
use movements of an explosive nature (for example, taking a barbell on a weightlifting chest) , basic, with magnum pump xr weights, a ball and the weight of your own body;
due to their quick fatigue, use no more than 6 repetitions per set;
due to the rapid depletion of energy bm.v. A long rest period is required – from 90 to 240 seconds.
We will conduct a comparative analysis of all types of muscle fibers and draw up its results in the form of the following table:

types of muscle fibers comparison

The easiest way to somehow understand what m.v. you have more prevalence and what type of training is better to use, it is monitoring. It lies in the fact that you fix what type / nature of the load you like best. For example, you do not like to run / walk long distances, but you like short and explosive weight training. Most likely you are carrying more fast twitching fibers. Or, on the contrary, you are dragged from running errands at the stadium or bike rides, then, most likely, slow twitch fibers prevail in you.

Chip : ripl-ad-set, or how to quickly work out all types of muscle fibers

We have already found out that different types of fibers are “tuned” to different training parameters, in particular, the number of repetitions.

When you lift weight, the body “connects” a certain amount of muscle fibers to do the work. It gains a certain percentage of each type of fiber, depending on how heavy the load is. For example, the lighter the weight, the more type I fibers will be involved , the heavier – the more type IIa fibers . For very heavy loads, type IIb fibers will be most in demand.

With regular workouts, our body learns to be more effective with this “recruited” set and tries to use fewer m. This is the body’s natural tendency to conserve energy. Unfortunately, this also leaves many muscle fibers incomplete and not fully developed.

Thus, it is desirable to find a way for the body to recruit all available fibers in order to develop its full muscle potential. To solve this problem, you can use the training principle – modification triple-drop-set. This is when within one approach there are 3 parts. The athlete starts with a heavy weight, then drops to a lighter one for more reps, and again drops to complete the set with a failure with this minimum weight.

The modification is as follows:

should not begin with a heavy weight, but on the contrary – with a light weight;
then, moving to heavier weights and moderate repetitions, type IIa fibers begin to work ;
The last stage involves the recruitment of type IIb fibers through the use of critical weights.
From the point of view of m. what happens is:

Stage 1 : conditional development of a muscle resource with a slow type of fibers;
Stage 2 : Type I fibers are still activated at this point (although the weight of the burden increases) , the body will involve more and more of this type of m.
stage number 3 : mainly activation of type IIb fibers . As the load is critically increased, the Type I and IIa fibers are also connected to the weight lifting process.
By completing such a set, you will capture almost all of the available muscle fibers in the muscle and effectively develop its potential.

Triple-ad-set: execution scheme

Successively perform the following actions (using the example of the exercise: lifting a barbell for standing) :

set light weight and perform 25 repetitions;
spend a rest 10 sec. During this time, ask your partner to add weight to the pancakes (usually 30-50% of the initial weight ) , while shaking your hands and breathing actively;
with a new, heavier weight, perform 6-8 reps;
spend a rest 10 sec. During this time, ask your partner to add weight to the pancakes (usually it is 15-25% of the previous stage) , and shake hands and breathe actively;
with a new, heavier weight, perform 1-3 repetitions;
perform 2-3 sets per muscle group.

To accurately adjust the weights for repetition, it will take at least 2-3 weeks of practice of such a triple ad set.

Periodically use this training principle, and you will not only add in volumes, but also become unlike your colleagues in the hall.

Actually, with the second part of the note “Muscle fibers: the practical side of the training,” we finished … But, it seems like, it turned out to be not at all practical :). This suggests that next Friday we are scheduled for a final meeting, and already there …

Pancreatitis and bodybuilding. How to behave?

Honestly, I did not plan to write such a harsh note – pancreatitis and bodybuilding, especially at the end of the year, but I won’t do it for my readers. I will do everything, I will go crazy in the cake :). Actually, why such a narrow topic was taken, how to conduct your trainings and adjust the process of nutrition, having such an affliction, we will talk today.

Pancreatitis and bodybuilding

So, please sit down, let’s start little by little.

Pancreatitis and bodybuilding: what, what, and why.
The other day, namely on December 25 , when the topic of the Sunday note was already approved, a letter from the reader came to the mail of the project asking for help and advice in solving her question. Here are excerpts from it.

A reader’s letter about pancreatitis
Of course, I could stay away and simply unsubscribe any short answer in the style of “this is possible, but it is impossible”, but I always try to meet the readers and give full and comprehensive marks, often in the form of full-fledged notes. The topic is interesting the fact that it is extremely narrow (like the eyes of the Chinese) and there is practically no information on it, and since the matter concerns human health, third-party disparate advice is not the way to be followed.

In addition to the specificity of the topic, I was “disturbed” (in the good sense of the word) by its author, Regina. This young lady did not give up when a diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis was made by her doctors, but on the contrary, she looked for ways and means to organize the proper process of training and nutrition. By the way, I’m generally amazed and amazed at all by our girls, who, despite all the household chores to preserve the focus, pregnancy and other female nishtyaki, always try to look after themselves. Some even with serious health problems try to do and stay in shape. Such girls-fighters always call (the latter, by the way, is not forbidden :)) (and will do) respect. Well done girls – instead of dangling legs and despite the prohibitions of doctors and doctors to stay at home and cook borscht for her husband, they are looking for ways to be beautiful and slim in all conditions. Well, since they are looking for, then it is necessary to help in these aspirations and to support them in every way.

In addition to all the above, I thought that the topic would be of interest to a wider range of the public, even those who are all right with the pancreas, because it is forearmed, it is armed. So let’s start to deal with pancreatitis and bodybuilding / fitness.


For a better understanding of the material, all further narrative will be divided into sub-chapters.

What is pancreatitis?

In the most general sense, it is inflammation of the pancreas (pancreas is a large gland under the stomach, which is covered by the duodenum 12 ) . It performs two main functions:

releases powerful digestive enzymes into the small intestine to aid digestion of nutrients. Enzymes interact with bile – a liquid produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder, digesting food;
It releases hormones insulin and glucagon into the bloodstream — they are glucose regulators that help the body control how it uses energy from food (it effectively utilizes nutrients to get energy from them or stores it as fat) .
Pancreatic damage occurs viralis rx when digestive enzymes are activated before they enter the small intestine and begin to “attack” the pancreas.

Pancreas and Pancreatitis

There are 2 main types of tissue found in the pancreas: exocrine and endocrine. The majority of the pancreas (about 95% ) is an exocrine tissue that produces enzymes that promote digestion. A healthy RV secretes about 1 l of such enzymes every day.

There are two forms of pancreatitis:

acute – a sudden inflammation that lasts for a short time;
chronic – prolonged and persistent inflammation of the pancreas. This is a more “advanced” stage, which usually arises as a result of a protracted acute, i.e. one species flows into another.

Both forms of pancreatitis are more common in men than in women.

As for the symptoms of pancreatitis, they are as follows:

pains / cramps in the upper abdomen that give back;
bloating and flatulence;
problems with the chair;
nausea, vomiting, fever;
increase in heart rate (heart rate) ;
impaired digestive enzyme absorption;
sharp weight loss;
nagging and aching muscles ;
lack of appetite.
Causes of pancreatitis:

excessive alcohol consumption;
frequent use of antibiotics for any reason;
violation of metabolism ;
hereditary diseases of the pancreas;
high triglyceride levels;
high blood calcium levels;
damage to the abdominal cavity (for example, during childbirth) ;
fatty foods and lack of nutrition;
smoking on a regular basis (especially strong cigarettes) ;
caffeine abuse (hello, coffee!) :
anabolic steroids and their light forms.
Although we do not have a medical resource, I still think the following information regarding the development of pancreatitis will be useful for you.

How is pancreatitis
The disease is directly related to the level of cholesterol in the body, but do not think that the latter plays only a negative role in human life. In particular, without cholesterol, gaining muscle mass would be an extremely dubious process.

the role of cholesterol in humans
Therefore, cholesterol and lipids are both harmful and beneficial, it all depends on a sense of proportion.

As we understood from the above, pancreatitis is a serious disease that negatively affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients correctly (build muscles) and, positively, to increase the level of subcutaneous fat. Thus, an athlete can gain muscle mass relatively well before this disease and transform his body by burning fat, but the ailment is able to roll you back to the initial level and change your physique for the worse.

If, after reading these lines, your hands have dropped, and you have left all hopes for positive changes in your own calf, then raise them! With pancreatitis it is possible to stay in shape, it just requires perfect adherence to nutritional recommendations and training tips. What kind? Now and analyze.

A growth hormone Somatotropin

Today we are waiting for an interesting article. On the one hand, it is far from the “pumping” theme, but on the other hand, it is directly related to it, because it allows controlling the development of muscle mass. This “controller” is called growth hormone , and it is a powerful stimulating factor in pumping iron muscles.

A growth hormone

So, in the course of the note you will learn what somatotropin is, why you need it at all, how you can manage your hormonal growth processes and much more from the same series.

Well, let’s start little by little, let’s go.

What is growth hormone?
In our previous articles, in particular, in this [ How do muscles grow? ] and in this [ lactic acid ], we talked about the factors that affect the anabolic functions of the body. It is good that we paid them attention, but from under our keen gaze the “chemical” component of this process slipped away, i.e. we completely forgot about hormones. But they, in particular endogenous – testosterone and growth hormone, are among the main triggers in the development of a harmonious and proportional body.

About one of them (the last)We will talk further.

If you raise foreign literature on your ears , then usually there is a growth hormone called HGH (growth hormon) , STH or somatotropin. This is the anterior pituitary hormone with a peptide structure (i.e., consists of 191 amino acids) , which is used to build muscle mass and build a delineated muscle pattern. It is produced by the endocrine gland in a relatively small amount throughout the entire life of a person.

The hormone is so named not simple, because it causes (usually in young people ) pronounced linear growth due to the development of the tubular bones of the limbs. The average concentration of this hormone in the human body is about 1-5 ng / ml, during the peak period it can increase to 45 ng / ml.

In addition to taking his direct part in stimulating muscle growth, he also:

normalizes metabolic processes (more proteins are spent on muscle building, less fat is stored in reserve) ;
inhibits muscle catabolic processes;
enhances the process of lipolysis (burning) of fats;
increases the stock of glycogen depot in the liver;
allows you to quickly regenerate new tissues and heal body wounds;
increases the size and number of liver cells, genital and thymus glands;
increases skin tone (regulates collagen synthesis) ;
increases the growth of young people up to the closure of growth zones ( 25 years) ;
strengthens the joint-ligament apparatus;
increases sexual activity ;
improves blood lipid composition (reduces “bad” cholesterol) .
It should be borne in mind that somatotropin “works” not one, but in conjunction with the hormone IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) . The latter is produced in the liver under the action of growth hormone and stimulates the growth of almost all internal organs. If we consider the positive effects of growth hormone in sports (in particular in bodybuilding) , then they are all associated with the direct action of the hormone IGF-1 .


The maximum secretion of growth hormone is observed at the age of up to 20 years, then it decreases on average by 15% within 10 years.

Of course, in different life segments, the concentration of somatotropin in the body is different, and this clearly demonstrates the following image.

growth hormone secretion with age
Therefore, the best period for practicing your body is age from 14 to 25 years, and the closer to the first digit, the better. Those. while the growth zones are active, the concentration of the “growing” hormone is high – this is truly a golden time for muscle buildup. However, the latter does not mean that a man after 25 years does not shine in the gym. No, it will just be necessary to make more efforts, and the process of achieving the desired result will stretch over time.


Growth hormone secretion occurs periodically and has its peaks during the day. In particular, the peak of hormone production occurs every 4-5 hours. The highest peak falls at night, an hour after falling asleep.

The mechanism for the production of “growing” hormone next. The pituitary gland, receiving a command from the hypothalamus, produces somatotropin, then it enters the bloodstream, reaches the liver and is converted in it into a working substance — somatomedin. This substance enters the muscle cells of the body.

growth hormone production mechanism
So, we have already laid a certain foundation; now let’s delve into the next question.

Somatotropin in bodybuilding. Natural stimulation of growth factor.
Any athlete is more interested in how you can use such a powerful anabolic growth factor to the maximum.

Well, firstly, it is worth bearing in mind that growth hormone can be used for weight loss due to its high ability to influence the metabolic rate. We know that any cell of the human body is fed either by glucose or fatty acids (FA) . The amount of glucose is regulated by insulin, while the amount of fatty acids is regulated by a “growing” hormone.

It turns out that in order for the body to start losing weight and burning fat, it needs to be given an installation that switches to the “fat” channels and feeds on them, not glucose. We cannot exert any feasible influence on insulin, because its task is to keep the sugar level normal and force the cells to consume exactly glucose. But somatotropin can make the cell feed on fatty acids and reduce its needs for glucose consumption.

In order to turn this exercise, he (the hormone) needs to integrate into the membranes of fat cells and serve as a transport system for them, which takes the fatty acids into the bloodstream, giving them oxygen. Those. it turns out that growth hormone can trigger lipolysis (the process of splitting fat cells by the body itself), and it occurs when the cells are in dire need of acids.

Secondly, it is no secret that when it comes to growth hormone in relation to bodybuilding, here we have in mind the various medications and injections that encourage the growth of muscles. However, as I have repeatedly said, I am in favor of “pure” sport and natural results, therefore we will not consider information on the pharmacological properties of this drug here.


The International Olympic Committee in 1989 banned the use of somatotropin for athletic purposes.

Better let’s see how natural ways you can increase the concentration of this hormone in the body. So, let’s go from the opposite and consider the factors that can serve as an obstacle to the development of a “growing” hormone: 1) periodic stressful situations; 2) high levels of cortisol ; 3) depletion of the central nervous system; 4) the wrong carbohydrate food.

Stimulations contribute to:

High volume strength training
The duration of training should not exceed 45-50 minutes.

Food releasers
Amino acids: arginine, ornithine, glutamine, can be used with sports nutrition, but can also be obtained shred pro elite from: pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, hard cheese, cottage cheese, soybeans, boiled eggs.

Good sleep + interval rest
About 80% of growth hormone is produced in a dream, so “pushing” the pillow for about 7-8 hours is quite a good thing for a bodybuilder. If there is an opportunity to give “ratchet’s” during the day ( 20-30 minutes) , then this will only benefit you. Remember the saying: after a delicious dinner, according to the laws of Archimedes it is necessary … – and, if possible, follow it.

Periodic stress: a sharp temperature drop, hunger
Sometimes (about 1 time per month) it is useful to drive your body into unusual frames, for example, sleep on an empty stomach or a sauna, then immediately a cold shower.

Proper protein nutrition
It is necessary to thoroughly “refuel”, following the principles of proper nutrition . In addition, at night it is desirable to use a slow and easily digestible protein: low-fat cottage cheese (up to 3% ) , egg whites.

Metered pain
A tremendous impact on the secretion of GH ( 30 times increase !) Has b-endorphin. For its synthesis, it is necessary to use “unconventional” methods of influence on the body. For example, acupuncture, painful massage, overlapping with a broom, imposing on the body of needle rubber mats (Kuznetsov applicator) or standing on them. The most effective effect on the collar zone and the entire spine.

Oxygen starvation
By reducing the oxygen content in the air (for example, training in mountain climatic conditions) , it is possible to achieve a significant increase in somatotropin in the blood. In urban conditions, oxygen deprivation can be modeled by performing exercises aimed at holding your breath, as well as by various fixing corsets.

Aerobic exercise
Best of all will increase the concentration of growth hormone interval (for short distances) , sprint. It is also well suited for building muscle.

Warm clothing
It is best to start your workout in light outerwear, and this is regardless of the weather outside. In addition, try not to catch a cold after exercise, i.e. If you take a shower, try to wipe yourself thoroughly and dress well.

Persistence is a friend of stagnation
The body, over time, develops a habit of any kind of exercise (exercise) , so try to change them from time to time and not do the same thing, month after month.

By following these simple rules, you will significantly increase the secretion of growth hormone in your body.

That somehow, go to the conclusion.

Techniques to increase training intensity: Partial repeats

In this article, I have proposed to discuss another method which, in my opinion, can make a difference between successful and banal training, as well as the technical approach of a connoisseur and a dilettante.

Partial repeats are defined in the literature as incomplete reps, performed only on a particular part of the movement.

The definition, in its essence, seems simple and does not raise any particular problems, but in front of the weight bar will arise a series of questions, such as: “where part of the movement must be partial repetitions?”, “What is the weight that should I use it? “,” when I put this technique into practice? “,” what is the number of partial repetitions to be performed? “.

We all know that the muscle works between two limits: the maximum extension position and the maximum contraction position. Between these two limits, for example, when we’re pushing with the horizontal bar for pectorals, each of us met the maximum point of resistance (critical point) over which, if it passed, surely the alpha xr weight seems much easier. The problem that arises is that if the critical point that limits the weight we use can be avoided, surely the load on the bar would be much higher and consequently the stress on the muscle would be much more intense. Thus, the weight at which partial repeats are performed is 25-30% higher than the one we normally use for complete repetitions.

Let’s take the example of pushing the chest with the bar again: if we choose the maximum extension of the pectoral (the bar is on the chest) to the critical point, consider the major risk of injury of the shoulder joint. In the other variant (from critical point upwards), the exercise is much safer. The same problem involves performing partial repetitions for triceps (extensions with the bar above the head) or for quadriceps (squats) when the maximum extension-critical parts can affect the knee or knee wrists. In exercises such as bicep flexes or dorsal helmet traction, both are safe.

Partial repeats can be executed as stand-alone series in exercises or can be performed at the end of the classical series, which covers the entire movement of the movement.

Also, the number of repetitions can vary from 4-6 high weight repetitions to 12-15 medium weight repeats.

I recommend that you do not use this technique for too long, because muscle and joint stress is particular and also take into account that the recovery time after exercises in which you have used partial repetitions must be higher than usual .

When using heavy weights, do not hesitate to ask for help from a partner in order not to be in critical situations when the muscle is exhausted.

A good idea is also the use of supplements to protect joints, which are more often required when using partial repetitions.

Hoping that reading this article will add extra variation and intensity to your workout, I want you to work hard!

Pec Deck Machine – Useful or Not for Chest Training?

Is the Peck Deck useful when it comes to pectoral training? In short, yes! It is recommended to be included in your chest training, but not frequently. It does not have too much transposition in sports or strength, so those interested in physical performance avoid it. The Pec Deck is mainly used to build muscle tissue, not for functionality .

Generally, it is better to use the various dumbbell variants, but for the variety you can also use the deck oven deck from time to time.

But not all Pec deck machines are the same. The best have a special pedal, which when pressed brings the arms apart in front so that you do not start from a position of total extension, a demanding position for the shoulder joint. It’s even safer when you go to a set to exhaustion.

The basic concepts of the Pec deck
It also has to be said that the devices of this type that allow a neutral and pronation socket are better than those that have vertical cushions that support your forearms. alpha titan testo Pillow cases put your shoulders in external rotation, while those with a neutral socket (hammer socket) put your shoulders in internal rotation.

The best use of the Pec deck is when you go through a set . You can do this by normal sets or supersets or descending sets . A good method is that of descending sets. You make a set, then a 30 second break, drop the weight, then make the same number of repetitions as the first set. Repeat the process for a total of 6-10 sets, of 3-8 reps. It’s a very powerful way to train your pectorals.

The exact method looks like this :

Set 1 – 6-8 reps
You take a 30 second break and drop enough weight to make at least 3 reps, but no more than 6.
Set 2 to 6 reps
You take a 30 second break and drop enough weight to make at least 3 reps, but no more than 6.
Set 3 to 6 reps
You take a 30 second break and drop enough weight to make at least 3 reps, but no more than 6.
Set 4 to 6 reps
You take a 30 second break and drop enough weight to make at least 3 reps, but no more than 6.
Set 5 to 6 reps
You take a 30 second break and drop enough weight to make at least 3 reps, but no more than 6.
Set 6 – 6 reps
You take a 30 second break and drop enough weight to make at least 3 reps, but no more than 6.
Set 7 to 6 reps
You take a 30 second break and drop enough weight to make at least 3 reps, but no more than 6.
Set 8 – at least 3 reps, maximum 6
To remember
The Pec deck is just for hypertrophy, it is not helpful in increasing muscle strength.
It is advisable to do the end of a free-weight chest training session.
Extensive sets are the best training methods with this device.

Japanese diet for vegetarian

Being vegetarian can cause problems with certain gastronomies . Indeed, not all countries have the same view of vegetarianism.

Finding a Japanese vegetarian diet is not easy because the meat is always present one way or another .

A gastronomy adapted to vegetarians?
Japan is a country where the consumption of meat is quite rare , except for the fish that we find almost everywhere even where we do not think it. Since the Westernization of the country following the Second World War, meat consumption is linked to modernity and vegetarianism to Buddhist traditions.

It is therefore quite difficult to find Japanese vegetarian dishes because even meatless dishes are usually cooked in the famous dashi broth made from dried bonito.

One of the world’s leading Japanese vegetarian diet is Okinawa .

Japanese and vegetarian meal idea
As said before, even meatless dishes may contain animal traces because of cooking broths or in some keto plus premier gelatin. Nevertheless, alternatives exist, we can change for vegetable broths , the taste will be a little different but no bad surprise and take agar agar instead of animal gelatin.

For the souls of cooks , the easiest way is to cook yourself by choosing fresh and organic products . In restaurants, it is difficult to find a suitable menu.

For further advice, there are many recipes available on the internet such as pan fried shiitake tofu and soy bean sprouts with mirin and soy sauce, or radish tsukemono, 10 vegetable tempura, green beans and miso nut sauce. , soba-aubergine noodles, ume onigiri, soba and cabbage soup, okonomiyaki stuffed with vegetables, pumpkin-miso or maki, sushi or california with cucumber, pepper, avocado or fresh cheese .

Simply put , the pillars of Japanese vegetable recipes are vegetables, soy , seaweed and tofu. They can be combined and cooked in all their forms and types of cooking.

Do not forget the presence of rice, an essential element for accompaniment or for the preparation of main dishes.

It is still rather complicated to find Japanese vegetables such as kabocha (kind of pumpkin, as good salty as sweet), satsuma-imo (a sweet and melting sweet potato mashed or grilled), daikon (crunchy radishes) and juicy, to eat raw as cooked), azuki ( red mealy beans for desserts essentially like dorayaki) or different types of mushrooms (shiitake, shimeji or enoki) and seaweed (nori, wakame or kombu), in large or small retail stores , focus on specialty stores generally located in major cities .

A precaution all the same during the pregnancy, it is advisable to ask a doctor or a nutritionist to avoid deficiencies and fatigue.

The Okinawa diet
Popular thanks to its many benefits , the Japanese diet from this sunny island, is rather semi-vegetarian because it involves the consumption of fish.

However, it can be replaced by other foods with similar properties especially for the intake of Omega 3 such as rapeseed oil , linseed, chia, kale or spinach.

It is based on principles such as leaving the table with a stomach filled to 80%, this can be a disadvantage for those who like to eat, plus you must consume small portions of different dishes . This diversifies nutrients, vitamins and nutrients.

This diet is based on the consumption of fruits and vegetables (cooked at low temperature and crisp limit) and especially on the marriage of colors, giving free rein to the imagination.

For example, mix black Camargue rice , red beans, sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts and pepper cubes, seasoned with olive oil, soy and tamari. Or the champuru, tofu, seasonal vegetables and bitter melon.

In the end, being vegetarian or vegan and wanting to eat Japanese is not easy. It is recommended to start from a classic menu and modify it by substituting meat with non-meat foods. Homemade recipes are the best way to taste Japanese cuisine .

Bodybuilding and cardio: combine incompatible

It is very difficult to possess a relief body with a constant increase in muscle mass. As you know, most bodybuilders use two periods of mass increase: the off-season and the period before the competition. During the off-season, athletes’ cardio workouts are limited once a week to use all possible calories to build maximum muscle mass. But before the competition, cardio workouts are performed up to 4 times a week to burn off excess fat accumulated in the offseason and become prominent.

Cardiovascular exercise is one of the most important keys to getting a quality and muscular body. The use of cardio workouts with exercise brings tangible benefits for building muscle. The amount of lost adipose tissue is in direct relation to the amount of fat burned during cardio workouts.

As mentioned above, bodybuilders perform cardio exercises in order to increase calorie consumption during and after workouts with weights (cardio workouts have many other benefits, but we will not touch them in this article). Low intensity cardio training, which precedes or follows training with weights, allows you to expend calories more efficiently and does not interfere with recovery.

Low intensity cardio training doesn’t require such efforts as high-intensity cardio training or high-intensity training with intervals (TPII). Few could have managed to complete a full TPII program, and then move on to exercises with weights, since TPII will significantly impair the effectiveness of strength training. And it is extremely tiring to carry out TPII after a workout with weights, and then it is very difficult to recover.

As the famous athlete Skip La Cour writes, if your goal is health, a flourishing appearance (or both), cardio training is necessary for you. Some people resort to it mainly in order to create and maintain a healthy, strong, smoothly working organism. Regular exercises train the heart muscle, improve blood circulation and function of the respiratory system, and also increase stamina. In addition, aerobics lowers blood pressure, reduces insulin secretion and, by reducing total cholesterol, increases good cholesterol (HDL).

“Aerobic workouts help speed up metabolism and raise body temperature, which in turn will help you lose more fat over time, keeping your body level optimal. As a bodybuilder, you should pay close attention to cardio training, because it corresponds to your metabolic and training goals, allowing you to also look better.

Like most bodybuilders, I want to have maximum muscle. But even more, I want to stay physically healthy supreme 500 male enhancement  and live a long life, the poet I do aerobics all year round, not only in preparation for competitions. Remember: a big, strong, muscular body is great, but even better – a big, strong, muscular body, and also healthy! “, says La Cour.

They will suit you only if you are going to participate in endurance competitions.

“Learn to enjoy intensity, not duration,” says Rachel.

According to her, the intervals involve more muscles. During endurance exercises, you use slow muscle fibers and very few fast ones. Those fastest fibers that give you elastic muscles and fast results.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m still happy to run or ride a bike. But I don’t do it for fat burning, but because I like it. Think about it. A 30-minute walk at an even pace will burn 150 calories. Add to this 8 30-second sprints and burn already 200.

But the most important thing is that after an interval workout your metabolism is on the rise all day, due to which you will burn two to three times more calories.

In addition, intervals can reverse aging. ”

Muscle fibers are not all the same. There are fast ones responsible for strength and speed, and there are slow ones that are responsible for endurance. The latter can work for a very long time, but are extremely resistant to hypertrophy. That is why all marathon runners have the same kind of “Bukhinwald forts”, and lovers of sprint (short) distances can often boast of a very athletic physique.

As some bodybuilders, who have been engaged in bodybuilding for more than one year, write, each muscle contains both fast and slow fibers. Moreover, these types are also not uniform and are subdivided into subtypes. Fast fibers (this is our mass) are divided into types: 2A and 2B. So the last type of 2B fibers responds to strength training with an increase in size, but the 2A type can respond to both strength and aerobic training. Accordingly, when you do aerobic training in the offseason, you “confuse” your 2A fibers, forcing them to get used to the “dystrophic” load. Simply put, without running, it will be easier for your muscles to understand and increase your size than with running.

As can be seen from the above information, how many people, so many opinions. Combining bodybuilding and cardio or not – you decide. After all, as you know, each person is unique, so everyone must decide for himself what he likes by listening to the body and its reaction to different training regimes.