Overweight and shortness of breath: causes, consequences and advice

Just by walking, you feel breathing difficulties? It is important to realize that being overweight is one of the most common causes of shortness of breath with every effort, however small.

How to explain this phenomenon ? What are the consequences ? And finally, what can be done to limit these inconveniences? We tell you everything!

Shortness of breath, what is it?
Feeling breathless is not uncommon after an intense effort. It is an automatic response of the body that increases the breathing rate to allow a better oxygen supply in the niwali keto lungs and more generally in the muscles.

Stress or fatigue can also affect your breathing pattern and may result in unusual shortness of breath. But generally, the lack of sport (thus sedentariness) and / or the overweight (even the obesity) are the most frequent causes of a sudden breathlessness after an effort, if only minimal, during a climb of steps, for example.

Close link between weight gain / obesity and shortness of breath
Being obese or having a few extra pounds, one must naturally make more effort to move because body mass is more important. The physical effort becomes automatically more difficult, which creates insidiously a desire not to move from his sofa.

This sedentary lifestyle will have an impact on the health of obese people, causing cardio respiratory deconditioning, which will have more negative effects on their physical condition in the medium and long term.

But that’s not all: people who have a BMI above average (and who are overweight in the abdominal belt) are hampered in their breathing by the compression of the diaphragm, essential muscle to breathe properly. .

What are the consequences of shortness of breath?
Shortness of breath can lead to increased heart rate and therefore some palpitations or dizziness. It often limits movement and movement because it causes immediate fatigue (related to the acceleration of the heart) during a simple climb of stairs, for example.

Tips to limit breathlessness
When one is running out of steam quickly, one is tempted to limit one’s movements. But the remedy is quite different.

Indeed, nothing like returning to regular physical activity to develop your breathing capacity and feel less and less pain during an effort. But being overweight, which sports to promote? Of course, it is better to take care initially by resuming slowly but surely a sporting activity.

Brisk walking or slower can go at your own pace, without attacking the joints. What to adapt speed and intensity to his abilities and take care of his heart and his breathing abilities while refining.

Smokers should also be aware that smoking has a negative impact on their breathing.

You will understand, obesity is an aggravating factor of dyspnea, especially with the effort. Resuming a sports activity and, if necessary, quitting, are two interesting levers for people with dyspnea in their daily lives.

Candied pineapple: benefits and calories

If the consumption of fresh fruit has many benefits to the body, candied pineapple does not have the same nutritional virtues.

Ananas confit : bienfaits et calories

Confit, the exotic fruit no longer contains the famous enzyme called bromelain, which gives it particular digestive properties, blood purifying and detoxifying. Rich in carbohydrates, candied pineapple also sees its high caloric value around 316 kcal per 100g.

Candied pineapple: benefits?
“Do pineapple confit have the same properties as fresh pineapple? “. Renowned for its fat-burning and detox effects, pineapple when eaten as a candied fruit no longer offers the same benefits when eaten raw.

Cooking, just like sterilization or pasteurization, destroys the enzyme responsible for the beneficial actions of pineapple on health.

Similarly, the confection technique will unfortunately remove the many vitamins and minerals contained in the fruit. The nutritional value of the fruit is then reduced to its high carbohydrate content. So candied pineapple, benefits? Yes, a true gourmet pleasure, to enjoy with much moderation.

Candied pineapple: gourmet pleasure in small doses
As candied pineapple is mainly glucose, candied pineapple is not at all compatible with a slimming diet. Once your weight loss goal is reached or when the consumption of treats is allowed, prefer homemade candied fruit to commercial products.

By making your own candied pineapple, you will not only control the added sugar content, but you will also get a candied product that will have more “freshness”.

Pineapple confit with spices or orange, baked or casserole, recipes are many and varied. It can be enjoyed as a dessert or as an accompaniment to salted dishes, foie gras, chicken, duck breast …

Easy confit pineapple recipe
For a sweet dessert quickly prepared, here is a recipe pineapple confit rum for 6 people.

As ingredients, you will need:

a whole organic pineapple,
150 g of sugar
1 vanilla pod
2 limes
75 cl of water and a glass of rum.
Start by peeling the pineapple, which will then be diced. Collect the juice of the fruit. Make a syrup using the scraped vanilla pod and previously opened, the zest of a lime, sugar and water.

Add to the syrup, the juice collected and the diced pineapple. In a saucepan, store for twenty minutes. Pour the rum into another saucepan and add the drained pineapple pieces. Cook for two minutes. Prepare 6 cups of candied pineapple. Wait until they cool before placing in the refrigerator.

To taste fresh.


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Benefits and role of carotenoids

Benefits and role of carotenoids

Carotenoids, also known as carotenoids, are natural dyes which, in the free state, give a color varying between orange-yellow and violet-red.

It is the family of nutrients to which beta-carotene belongs, a well-known nutrient found in different foods . But what exactly are carotenoids? What are their benefits and roles for the body? These are the questions we answer here.

The benefits of carotenoids
Humans consume more than 50 carotenoids daily. The list is long, but the most common among them are beta carotene, lutein and lycopene. They can not be synthesized by the body, but they are essential in many ways.

Indeed, they slow down the aging of the skin thanks to their protective effect against aggressive sun rays . They give it back elasticity, participate in photosynthesis and promote its hydration and regeneration. They also improve the effects of a tan. They are also fortifiers for the nails and the hair.

Carotenoids also have a protective and revitalizing effect on the nervous system. Beta-carotene, the most common of them, is a precursor of vitamin A , a vitamin that is essential for the health of the eye system.

It is true that excess vitamin A can cause damage to the body, but the advantage is that this carotenoid only converts when the body needs it. It does not represent any danger. Also in the ocular structure, there is also lutein and zeaxanthin that have a preventive effect against problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

The role of carotenoids
Carotenoids play several roles in the human body. They are antioxidants that watch over cell growth and reproduction. They also play an essential role in intracellular communication and in their protection against harmful agents such as bacteria, tumors and viruses. In humans, this antioxidant effect increases the quality of sperm.

Although not yet formally established, several studies also discuss their effects on tumor growth . They would stimulate DNA repair genes for the production of anti metastases, substances that reduce the progression of cancers.

Carotenoids also have a protective role for the cardiovascular system. They slow the formation of lesions and reduce oxidations due to bad cholesterol . They help the body fight against respiratory diseases such as colds and flu.

In sum, thanks to their properties, carotenoids have many health benefits. You can find them in fruits and vegetables such as carrots , spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. or in the form of food additives .

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How many calories in goose rillettes?

The rillettes appeared in the fifteenth century in Touraine and represented for farmers a way to preserve pork, otherwise than salting.

Today almost exclusively produced by the food industry, they are available with duck meat, goose or rabbit but also fish. Let’s take a closer look at goose rillettes with their number of calories, their recipe, their place in a diet and advice on how to choose them …

Number of calories in goose rillettes?
Goose rillettes are pieces of goose meat cooked in animal fat and finely chopped. They are often eaten on grilled toasts as an appetizer or as a starter, or in a sandwich.

So they are rather caloric: 100 g of goose rillettes bring indeed 401 kcal. Their protein intake is however interesting with 15 g per 100 grams, but their high fat content darkens the picture with 38 g per 100 grams.

But you should know that these contain 70% unsaturated fatty acids and 30% saturated fatty acids. And these two types of fatty acids are recommended for cardiovascular health and diabetes. Goose rillettes provide 2 essential elements to the body.
It should also be noted that these goose rillettes have a cholesterol content of 76 mg per 100 g, well below that of eggs and most meats.

Can we integrate goose rillettes in a diet?
Like all other charcuteries, goose rillettes are not recommended for the diet because they contain far too much fat. Even if goose fat is good (much better than butter for example), its excess will bring too many calories.
And during a diet, it is precisely the caloric intake that must be controlled to best meet the needs of the body.
So unless you practice a very physical sport and occupation, you must avoid goose rillettes during your diet.

One of the homemade goose rillette recipes
– 500 g of goose meat (leg or duck breast)
– 100 g of goose fat
– 30 cl of water.

1 – Cut the goose flesh into cubes and put in a casserole with the fat.
2 – Brown 5 minutes then pour 30 cl of water.
3 – Cover and simmer for 3 hours over low heat.
4 – Stir regularly and season with salt and pepper.
5 – Chop everything in the thermomix (or knife) and place in jars.
6 – Place the canned goods in the fridge and enjoy cold on toast with grilled country bread.

How to choose goose rillettes in the trade?
Commercially available goose rillettes do not usually contain only goose, but also pork. So choose first those with the most goose.
Then, it is better to prefer your goose rillettes with geese that have been fed without GMO in farm farms labeled.

These rillettes will certainly cost more, but they will be of much better quality and respectful of animals (unlike farms battery).
And finally, choose grass-fed geese rather than grains because they will be much less fat.

To conclude, goose rillettes are easy to manufacture but are very caloric and are therefore not suitable for a diet. It is better to avoid them and if not, really moderate its consumption in case of overweight or hypercholesterolemia. And you should know that they are also discouraged in pregnant women.

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How many calories in Benedictine eggs?

How many calories in Benedictine eggs

Eggs Benedict, or Benedictine, bring between 180 and 210 kcal per 100 grams . This amount varies according to the ingredients chosen to create its basic recipe … and the dose of Dutch sauce added.

Calories of eggs at the Benedictine
Composed of poached eggs placed on a bed of bread or muffin and accompanied by bacon or salmon and hollandaise sauce (or cheddar), Bénédict eggs will bring 180 to 210 kcal per 100 grams.

Depending on the portion consumed, it will be a dish of about 400 kcal. As part of a slimming diet, it is better to opt for a light version or a weight watchers recipe and limit or even remove the Dutch sauce by replacing it with a substitute less caloric and especially less fat.

This dish, typical of a Sunday gourmet brunch, however, has interesting nutritional benefits, including 18 g of protein per serving . If accompanied by fresh spinach and bread rich in cereals and seeds , fiber, vitamins and trace elements will complete the meal.

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman must seek the advice of her doctor on the best intakes and forbidden foods to consider.

How to lighten eggs to the Benedictine?
To please yourself by limiting calories and fat (33 grams in an average portion …), tips exist:

Replace the toast with bread or muffin with a whole grain bun
Substitute a sauce made from cottage cheese and herbs with traditional sauce
Opt for a delicious lean ham or quality smoked salmon
These simple preparation tips will save valuable calories on the original composition, while keeping a very greedy character! As an accompaniment, we opt for a fresh salad, spinach , ripe avocado or even small homemade tomatoes.

Lightweight egg recipe for the Benedictine
The Thermomix is ​​not necessary in this preparation for 2 people easy and quick to achieve.

– 2 individual breads with seeds (ideally round)
– 2 eggs … or 4 according to appetite
– Smoked salmon, trout or ham in the oven
– White cheese 0 or 3%
– Salt and pepper
– Balsamic vinegar
– Mix of young shoots
– 1 tablespoon of olive oil
– Lemon

– Cut the loaves in half
– Put them in the oven or in the toaster
– Mix the cottage cheese, lemon, vinegar, salt and pepper (herbs in option)
– Poach the eggs in boiling water
– Place the eggs on the bread, then add the fish or ham
– Add the sauce on top

Serve immediately with seasonal vegetables.

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Essential oil of sage against cellulite?

Rebellious, cellulite is everywhere and reluctant to fade , even in the most restrictive regimes … Fortunately, to finally erase unsightly dimples, essential oils have more than one trick in their bag. What about clary sage ?

Does it have anti-cellulite properties ? Yes quite ! Read our opinion on the slimming benefits of this essential oil, and discover its specific instructions .

The slimming properties of clary sage essential oil
Cellulite is largely the result of overly lazy circulation, and is often associated with fluid retention . Faced with resistant cellulite, tone and drain are the key words!

Very effective in case of circulatory disorders, clary sage also has diuretic properties when drunk.

In external use , it will be very effective between two sessions of palpate-rolling institute.

How to use organic sage essential oil against cellulite?
“I bought my bottle, how to use it to erase the curves? To optimize the draining action of sage, the ideal is to combine it with other essential oils in a homemade recipe:

the essential oil of clary sage white
organic cedar essential oil
essential oil of cypress
200 ml of vegetable oil of argan
Simply add 50 drops of each of the three essential oils in your argan oil bottle, and mix gently.

Apply this mixture daily, in circular massage , on the areas touched by the orange peel. Pregnant women, attention: this recipe should not be used during pregnancy and lactation!

Other benefits of sage
Anti-cellulite, the essential oil of clary sage has the property of mimicking the action of estrogen. This peculiarity forbids its use for people suffering from mastosis and hormonal cancers, but makes it effective in the face of menstrual disorders: it thus attenuates the painful rules, while regulating the cycles.

Very useful for combating excessive sweating, sage is also a good remedy for hot flashes during menopause . Allied with the nervous system, it is also invigorating and relaxing.

In cosmetic use , sage he has regulatory virtues on the secretion of sebum, both on the skin and the scalp. She is an accomplice of oily skin, and also limits dandruff.

Allied anti-cellulite, the essential oil of sage is a natural remedy to discover. Good slimming massage!

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Moka cake: full of calories?

Composed of butter cream and sponge cake, mocha is a traditional gourmet pastry. Designed in general with coffee liquor , this relatively calorie cake should be avoided during a diet, just like cookies.

Moka cake: full of calories?

The calories of mocha
Alternating layers of sponge cakes and layers of buttercream, mocha is a cake not really light . Few ingredients make up the Mocha even if we have 323 kcal for a part of 100 grams . Rich in carbohydrates, protein and fat , this dessert is not suitable for a vegan person.

The energy density of this dessert provides a high glycemic index and must be avoided during a diet. Combined with a sporting activity, part of this cake can be enjoyed in an exceptional way. Although this dessert contains healthy ingredients, this cake rich in sugars should be cooked light or gluten-free.

Try this easy and fast recipe without butter cream
Homemade, your lighter mocha is made thermomix. Leger, this mocha can be declined with chocolate or vanilla.

3 eggs
120 grams of sugar
75 grams of melted butter
5 cl of milk
130 grams of flour
45 grams of cornflour
50 ml of coffee
Tapered almonds
In order to prepare the sponge cake well, you have to thermomix mix two eggs, flour, melted butter and milk. Cook for 20 minutes at 180 ° the sponge cake that has been previously placed in a pan . Once cooled, cut the sponge cake horizontally in half.

For the butter cream, mix an egg , sugar and cornflour and coffee. Boil everything in a saucepan for a few minutes and let cool. Between the two layers of sponge cake and on top, put the cream in order to mount this cake where almonds can be added in decoration.

Moist, tasty, this gourmet and caloric dessert can be revisited with a mascarpone cream . During a diet, this cake should be tasted with caution.

The story of the Moka cake
Invented in 1857 by a Parisian pastry chef , the Mocha owes its name to the port of Mocha in Yemen, where then shipments of coffee went to Europe.

Originally, this famous cake was adorned with a thick layer of cream that garnished it nicely. Even if nowadays, this not very healthy cake is made with chocolate , the latter is better in coffee.

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Agar-agar is an organic gelling agent

3 agar agar appetite recipes

Agar-agar is an organic gelling agent extracted from aquatic plants , red algae. After purification, dehydration and grinding, it is marketed in the form of transparent bars or powder.

Very appreciated by vegans, it validly replaces the egg white in the preparations .

As well as oats and apple cider vinegar, it is also commonly used in appetite recipes on the menu of diets. Given its structure that swells in the stomach, it induces a satiety effect that curbs the appetite and thus avoids nibbling . We give you here 3 recipes in which you can integrate it.

The agar-agar flan
The hollowness of the afternoon or evening are usually those that grow nibbling, one of the main causes of overweight. To avoid this, the agar flan can be an excellent ally. Eaten as a dessert or snack , it brings a feeling of lasting satiety. To eliminate calories and keep all its beneficial effects, the ideal is to do without sugar. Here’s how to do it:

2 g of agar-agar powder
50 cl of milk
From the aroma to the choice (vanilla, for example)
Mix the powder and the milk, boil, add the aroma and let cool . Then put your preparation in the fridge. After a few hours of refrigeration, it will be ready and you can use a portion of it as soon as you have a hollow.

Vegetable terrine with agar-agar
This recipe allows you to combine the many benefits of vegetables and the properties of agar-agar. Always to optimize the virtues, opt for low calorie and healthy vegetables such as avocado, asparagus, bean sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, lentils, potatoes or tomato .

Here’s how to prepare your terrine:

Cut the vegetables into small cubes and steam them to preserve the nutrients they contain . For your broth, use other vegetables to which you add 2 teaspoons agar-agar. Then put your cooked vegetables in a jar, pour your broth and wait a few hours to have a tasty terrine that will avoid nibbling.

Fruit jelly with agar-agar
To make your jelly, choose a fruit according to your preference (apple, mango or lemon for example) . Press it or overwrite it. In case it is not liquid enough, add 50 cl of organic fruit juice without sugar .

Then stir in a spoonful of agar-agar and boil for 2 minutes. Cool in ice cube trays for a few hours and you’ll get delicious lollipops that you can savor to appease your hunger.

Agar-agar is a product that will help you calm your hunger and thus optimize the effects of your diet. But to lose pounds, that will not be enough. It will involve a more complete program, including the regular practice of physical activity , not to mention a good hydration.

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Infusion and decoction: what differences?

But how can they be removed without resorting to complicated treatments? Relatively unrecognized, the nutmeg oil has many cosmetic properties.

Can she act against unsightly streaks? Yes, but do not expect miraculous results.

What can nipple oil really do for stretch marks?
Real skin tears, stretch marks are the result of stretching the dermis too brutal. And the best way not to see them appear is to prevent them … Do not take too much weight is of course the first step to take. But nourishing your skin to strengthen its elasticity and resistance is also an important gesture.

Rich in omega-9, the nutmeg oil is very nourishing. In addition, it contains phytosterols, which give it restorative properties. If it is difficult to say that this vegetable oil can be enough to erase already established welts, use it preventively is quite possible.

How to use nipple oil against stretch marks?
Your stretch marks are already there? To maximize the effects of tiger oil, combine it with a stronger anti-stretch mark active, such as an essential oil.

essential oil of organic immortelle
vegetable oil of nutsedge
Directly in your hand, simply mix 3 drops of immortelle essential oil and 6 drops of nutmeg vegetable oil.
Apply this mixture morning and evening, by circular massage, on the areas of your body affected by stretch marks: belly, thighs, buttocks …
“I am pregnant, can I use this mixture? No, because the essential oil of immortelle is contraindicated during pregnancy. If you do not breastfeed, you can use it after giving birth. For now, focus on prevention and pure tiger nut oil!

Other cosmetic virtues of the nutmeg oil
Antioxidant thanks to its richness in vitamin E, the nutmeg oil is part of the vegetable oils anti-aging. Its nourishing properties also make it very useful for reducing skin dehydration.

In addition, the nutmeg oil would have interesting effects to slow the regrowth of hair. It is at least for this purpose that it is used traditionally, especially in Morocco.

Used as a hair care product, the nutmeg oil also has the power to soften and revitalize hair that is too dry, fragile or frizzy.

Nothing is more demoralizing than seeing one’s skin marbled with stretch marks. To escape, add the nutmeg oil to your preventive actions. To the action!

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Bodybuilding: what program with a pull-up bar?

Bodybuilding with a pull-up bar is the most effective way to strengthen the upper body, the goal being, with training, to manage your “body weight” in different contexts.

The pulls solicit a lot of muscles at the same time: back, biceps but also pectoral and arm. They accentuate your physical strength, volume and strength of your muscles.

Traction bar for bodybuilding: indoors or outdoors at home
In the classroom, pull bars are not used much compared to “machine draws” that minimize effort and do not help to build a mind. At home, you install your bar on a door frame or between two walls not far apart. This kind of bar is easily transported, it follows you on vacation or during a move.

How to put your hands to build muscles with a fixed bar?
The way the hands are placed determines the target muscles of the exercise: • supine (palms facing you): the hands are slightly apart and you can lift more weight (weighted ankles), • pronated (palms turned towards you) outside): you are muscle width • neutral (palms face to face): the back is muscle in thickness

In supination, the target muscles are the biceps while in pronation, you muscle your back. Without being able to adjust the load which corresponds to your body weight, it is necessary to vary the time when the muscles are under tension, it allows to “play” on the difficulty of the exercise. The change of grip avoids the injuries that can be the cause of repetitions of movements.

Tips for successful pull-ups
To achieve traction, bring the chin above the fixed bar; the body is well wrapped and the head and body are straight.

Several tricks where the difficulty of the exercises is reduced allow the beginners to become familiar with the very precise posture of a traction while developing their musculature and their strength:

• an elastic band: fixed on the bar and slipped under the knees, it helps beginners to achieve “real tractions”, the elastic acting as support, • jumps pulled: jump to reach the bar and enjoy the momentum to lift your body, • the “eccentric movement (lengthening of the muscle)”: place the chin above the bar up on a chair and let yourself slowly descend to the strength of the arms.

The “base” of movement: straight leg traction • hands in pronation, spread wider than shoulders • lift your body vertically (chin above the bar)

For the “pros”: square traction • the legs are inclined and go up to the position of the square

In both cases, the legs must return to their original position as slowly as possible.

• Breathing: inhale when descending, blow when pulling • Safety: stay focused on your body position: straight and well-sheathed, without rocking • Repetitions: according to your abilities.

Traction movements on fixed bar or dips on parallel bars, are very demanding but also very effective for a harmonious musculature and a pleasant silhouette.

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